Trifold- A Flexible System Design to Adapt to Modern Living

INTRODUCTION: Trifold introductory range ‘A Home in the Post’ comprises an origami furniture system designed to adapt to modern living. The unique system injects personality into any environment allowing for spaces to transform with ease. Rigid room layouts are now a thing of the past. If you are looking for a system which provides youContinue reading “Trifold- A Flexible System Design to Adapt to Modern Living”

Emotion Bridge, Therapy tool to aid Communication around Eating Disorders: Education

The ‘Emotion Bridge’ serves as a communication device between sufferers of eating disorders and their friends or family. This discrete tool employs the principles of the Jungian archetypes to create emotive objects which resonate on contact. These have been differentiated through the design of their shape, form, texture, weight and material finish. The product servesContinue reading “Emotion Bridge, Therapy tool to aid Communication around Eating Disorders: Education”

Yoomoo Frozen Yogurt Experience: Interior

Interior 2: Yoomoo Parlour Interior Brief: To re-design and re-visualize the interior of Yoomoo Frozen Yogurt parlours. The redesign must reflect the company image and their unique brand identity. Nature should be a prevalent feature within the interior to represent the companies roots in the natural world; Yoomoo only use naturally occurring produce with noContinue reading “Yoomoo Frozen Yogurt Experience: Interior”

Revive, Pop-up Health Bar: Interior

Interior 1: Pop-up Health Bar Open Brief: Design of interior or exterior decorative products for a quality restaurant or shop. These can be ornate sculptural elements or lighting embellishments with an ultimate purpose or end goal. Experience is fundamental to the success of the design. You should focus on environmental mood, ambience and public experience.Continue reading “Revive, Pop-up Health Bar: Interior”

Fizzco Grotto Development, Golden Dreams: Interactive

Christmas 2018 Grotto Development for Waterside Shopping Centre, Lincoln. Client: Fizzco projects Brief: To design a structure for Christmas 2018 at the Waterside Shopping Centre. Develop a grotto, an environment or a vehicle considering theme. Research into material and construction is fundamental, need for scaled development and models. ‘Golden Dreams’ is comprised of several grottoContinue reading “Fizzco Grotto Development, Golden Dreams: Interactive”

‘Nifty’ Perfume Packaging: Product

‘Nifty’ Perfume Package: Brief: Design a sculptural perfume / fragrance dispenser with packaging, considering unusual applications and appearances. ‘Nifty’ provides a unique take on fragrance, I was determined to create a unisex fragrance which made the users lives easier. From research I highlighted the main issue surrounding fragrances being the scent dying out during theContinue reading “‘Nifty’ Perfume Packaging: Product”

Interactive Tablecloth/ Workstation: Product

Interactive Tablecloth / Workstation: Brief: To design a workstation suitable for 8-18 year olds. Material selection and form can be determined by the designer; However, the product must enhance the educational experience for both the user and parent. Consider portability and storage of the product when not in use. ‘Vertex’ addresses the brief by providingContinue reading “Interactive Tablecloth/ Workstation: Product”