My Creative Journey

My journey to become the designer I am today is not a short one, and is constantly being added too, so I will spare you the boring details. I began to show interest in art from an early age, one of my earliest memories was painting a flower vase at school, my teacher held it up and said ‘Hannah, do you want to be an artist when you are older?’. Unbeknown to my childhood self that this passion would later, in fact, consume my life, everywhere I go to this day I have looked out for the abnormalities as it is these things which inspire me.

People interact with the designed world everyday without a concern of how it came about. Design is a luxury and allows individuals to enjoy the world around them. My aim as a designer is to enhance these everyday experiences to enhance individuals lives.

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Hi there…

Welcome to my creative mind. As a designer, I believe that for an experience to be memorable it needs to be unique and challenge the viewer’s perception. As such, most of my designs are interactive, enhancing user experience and providing emotional impressions that last.

I design through sketching, while considering the environment of the product placement as a fundamental. I believe for any design to be successful it must achieve a purpose, whether this be to stun visitors or make users’ lives that little bit simpler.

I hope to document my work and inspire others through this platform, so sit back and enjoy.


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