Trifold- A Flexible System Design to Adapt to Modern Living


Trifold introductory range ‘A Home in the Post’ comprises an origami furniture system designed to adapt to modern living. The unique system injects personality into any environment allowing for spaces to transform with ease. Rigid room layouts are now a thing of the past. If you are looking for a system which provides you with more opportunities than restraints, allowing for fun along the way, then Trifold has the solution for you.

Whether entertaining guests, relaxing in style or building a den, Trifold transforms. Its flexibility, durability and versatility has already caught the attention of many of you and has you craving to manipulate it and develop your very own creations. The only limit to Trifold is your imagination.

The compactable system can be folded and stored with ease, with its unique capability allowing for it to be sent in the post.






The system is available in a variety of colour and pattern combinations, providing the possibility to create a product that is truly unique. The sheet is available at a standard size of 2m by 2m, however, it can also be purchased as a 1m by 1m sheet for smaller creations.

On purchasing the system you are provided with a toolkit, this toolkit offers the necessary connectors to build a multitude of products. We challenge you to surprise us with new innovative ways to use Trifold.




Trifold has been designed in a way that allows it to truly transform lifestyles. The material composition of the sheet is such that it muffles and dampens sound pollution, creating calmer environments whereby your senses are allowed breathing space from the overstimulation of the outside world. This very same material composition acts as a natural insulator, trapping heat energy and dispersing it gradually allowing for a reduction in heating bills and a reduction in carbon footprint





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