Revive, Pop-up Health Bar: Interior

Interior 1: Pop-up Health Bar

Open Brief: Design of interior or exterior decorative products for a quality restaurant or shop. These can be ornate sculptural elements or lighting embellishments with an ultimate purpose or end goal. Experience is fundamental to the success of the design. You should focus on environmental mood, ambience and public experience.

The pop-up health bar Revive will aim to rejuvenate the health and happiness of millions of busy individuals, without interring with their tight schedules, plans and deadlines due to its pop-up convenience. It will provide a haven and escape from the constant buzz of the urban world, with the organic design of the structure intended to juxtapose the harsh lines and architecture of the city. This pop-up experience will improve visitors health through supply of vitamin treats and juices, while unknowingly ensuring higher vitamin D levels through integration of UV lighting throughout. For those who simply can’t get enough, there are vitamin D concentration zones leaving visitors revitalised on leaving the structure. This experience fills the current gap in the market, providing the convince of a high-street store, but achieving the ultimate goal of  relaxation, rest and health as oppose to stress and worry. The aim of the structure is for it to hop from city to city, ensuring everyone is happy, healthy and rejuvenated during the dull winter months.

Modelled using a mix of Rhinoceros, Maya and Z-Brush, with Keyshot rendering software to formulate the visuals.

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