Emotion Bridge, Therapy tool to aid Communication around Eating Disorders: Education

The ‘Emotion Bridge’ serves as a communication device between sufferers of eating disorders and their friends or family. This discrete tool employs the principles of the Jungian archetypes to create emotive objects which resonate on contact. These have been differentiated through the design of their shape, form, texture, weight and material finish.

The product serves as a bridge of communication as well as a bridge in a sufferers rehabilitation journey. The product is intended for use between the stages of recognizing an eating disorder and receiving specialist help. This is a stage with currently insufficient services, the NHS is strained and sufferers lack the confidence to speak out.

The ‘Emotion Bridge’ facilitates non-verbal communication and raises the effectiveness of home therapy. Sufferers can communicate their emotional state, while friends and family can recognise it with ease. Designed as a part of Beat’s loaning scheme the product serves as a friendly therapy product, reducing stigmas and raising awareness surrounding eating disorders and mental health.

Emotion Bridge PackagingIntroducing 'The Emotion Bridge'Product AssemblyRoute to MarketSystem of UseTheory


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